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Building trust in business with people is often easy with those we have an natural affinity with, often people we perceive as being a little like us. In business though the challenge is to build this all important trust with others who may be a little different to us. So how do we break through these barriers and get more from our relationships, be it in business or or in our personal worlds?

Let’s look at how we can develop better relationships through active listening and effective questioning techniques. We also take a look at how body language plays a vital role in understanding how well we are communicating. 


In this podcast, we discover more on:
  • Developing the skills needed to build business relationships
  • How listening techniques are just as important as questioning
  • How by knowing more about ourselves, we can change the way we relate to other people
  • How by watching the facial expressions, gestures, and posture of others we can spot how we are engaging successfully
  • How good communicators use the KISS principle.


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