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Hi there listeners and welcome to the Marketing Menu Podcast. Now you may have noticed we’ve been away for a little but we’ve been working on how we can keep our podcasts fresh and interesting for you.

All good stuff, Liz. Hi there listeners. And because of this, we’ve decided to make our podcasts shorter, more punchy, and to talk about things you really want to hear. So I guess it’s getting back to some marketing basics, isn’t it Liz?  Making them short and sweet, and more actionable?

We’re starting off today with that subject that a lot of people shy away from and that’s business networking.

When people first start up in business, they know they’ve got to go networking, but they’re not really quite sure why.

It also terrifies a lot of people, having to walk into a room of unknown people who you may perceive as being more established and confident than you.

In this podcast, we explore some ways to build that inner confidence and consider the reasons why you should use business networking as part of your marketing mix.