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Your team are the single most important differentiating factor when it comes to business marketing. Supporting, developing and motivating your team is a, however, a constant challenge and in the marketing world, which is continually evolving, keeping up with the latest trends and techniques is also a continual battle.

As we become increasingly customer savvy, it means that everyone in business, regardless of their job role, has a role to play in marketing. 

As a function, marketing has actually become less visible in big business as many of the activities traditionally considered marketing are now performed in many cases by different departments that do not necessarily bear the marketing name. So, what is the one marketing mistake to avoid?  Marketing shouldn’t be seen in isolation.

We believe that by positioning marketing alongside sales, customer care, and alongside the goals and aspirations of the business, you develop a 360-degree approach that has the flexibility to react to changing markets and customer needs as they unfold.   

Developing your team in each of these critical areas is fundamental to success. In the digital age, where marketing methods and the skills necessary for delivering objectives, strategy and tactics are changing continuously, being responsible for building a marketing team that can drive business growth takes focus.

The Marketing Menu offers a range of courses designed to educate and empower your teams to be able to deliver successful results. Individual sessions can be selected and bolted together to create a tailored team training programme to perfectly suit your needs.

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tailored team training

Uniquely Qualified

Creating an effective marketing organisation is about more than just the skills of your team. It’s also about understanding those capabilities and translating them into measurable outcomes and ensuring that they become embedded into the business.

As two marketing professionals with over 40 years’ combined experience, who have grown our own businesses, we now share our practical experience with anyone wishing to learn how to best position their business in an ever-competitive marketplace.

Our backgrounds in industry and academia make The Marketing Menu uniquely qualified.

Customised To Your Needs

At The Marketing Menu, we have devised a unique 9 step approach that covers each of the marketing tools which you need to embed in your business. While we have a range of existing courses, experience proves that programmes work better when they are customised to your needs.

Customisation may include introducing case studies relevant to your sector, or business, or integrating your processes and methodologies into best practice.

Our goal is to offer flexible, practical solutions that build the capabilities of your team. All of our training is delivered through workshop study so that we apply practical application in a supportive setting. 

The Marketing Menu tailored team training portfolio includes over 30 direct and digital modules to mix and match.

Benefits of Tailored Team Training

Address your unique needs: Tailored to your processes, your company culture and your key marketing objectives.

Reduced costs: By training groups, your cost per head is significantly reduced.

Provide choice, control and flexibility: From tailored workshops to supportive online training courses our portfolio spans both digital, and more traditional marketing tools and techniques.

Motivate teams: As the team shares the learning experience, the ideas, techniques and philosophies learnt are often more quickly and widely adopted.

Inspire: We aim to impart knowledge in a practical, interactive way.

Drive results: Workshops provide practical application in a supportive setting, with solutions that can be applied instantly to day-to-day activity.



Learn in your own time, at your own pace, no matter what your business size.


Proven tools and techniques that you can try out immediately in business.


Marketing experience to help drive results and ultimately revenue.


Avoiding technobabble and Americanisms unless they add value that is.