Learn in your own time and pace whether starting out, growing or needing to inspire others.


Proven tools and techniques, both traditional and modern, to immediately put into practice.


Marketing experience to drive results and revenue. We’ve been there, so we speak your language.


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Welcome To A Fresh UK Business Marketing Training Platform

Today’s marketing world is fast paced and time heavy, so even the best marketers struggle to keep up with all the new developments and practices. At The Marketing Menu, we demystify marketing terminology and make practical advice accessible to everyone, with no Americanisms or techno babble; just sound, honest, useful advice that you can put into practice immediately with confidence.

As two marketing professionals with over 40  years combined experience, who have grown our own businesses we now share our practical experience with anyone wishing to learn how to best position their business in an ever-competitive marketplace.

Marketing a business requires a 360 approach that covers traditional marketing principles, sales navigation, customer care and business understanding.

Our training is designed to support business owners, educators, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in the steps to achieve robust and sustainable marketing activity. This means the insight, learning and advice you receive from all of our courses will be up-to-date and relevant for your business in each key area.

Delivered in a friendly, easy-to-follow and common sense style, The Marketing Menu training will ensure that time and effort learning effective marketing techniques will be well spent, leaving you free to concentrate on what you’re good at – building a successful business!

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We offer a selection of ways to successfully increase marketing knowledge:

  1. The Marketing Menu Podcast: For straight talking marketing ideas, tips and tricks for business, free to dip into every fortnight on a Wednesday.
  2. Online Bite-sized Training Courses: Underpinned by the same common sense principles to help you grow your business. Each course is broken down into clear steps supported by video training, worksheets, questions and quizzes to ensure you understand each before moving onto the next.
  3. Face-to-face Training Programmes: Specifically designed to ensure delegates learn essential principles and techniques of marketing. These participative implementation programmes provide valuable opportunity to work on your critical issues whilst working with your peers. With managed group chats, you can also build a network of like-minded folk looking to achieve and share great marketing results.
  4. The 12-month Executive Programme: A practical, step-by-step transformational approach that will seek to challenge your processes and your approach while all the time following your goals and objectives, and concentrating on outcomes. Our programme unlike most “courses” provides the support needed when you start to implement what you have learned back in the workplace, or sometimes you may feel you need a little coaching from time to time!
Need to increase customer engagement?
Confused about the right marketing tools to use?
Worried your marketing budget is being spent in the wrong place?
Having trouble motivating others?
Like to increase your business skills or confidence?
You’ve come to the right place!





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